Oracle DBA Training


An Oracle Database Administrator must have the knowledge of SQL. SQL(Structured Query Language) is a query language used to access and manipulate data in most of the databases in the world.

SQL can be used to insert, update, delete data from a table in a database. It can also be used to create users, assign privileges, restrict privileges, etc.

We will teach you how to :

  • Design, build and manage Oracle 10g/11g database applications
  • Create and manage database tables, sequences and synonyms
  • Retrieve and manipulate data efficiently using SQL Developer
  • Ensure data integrity, enforce security and enhance performance
  • Write structured PL/SQL code to develop stored procedures, triggers and packages

Hands-On Experience Includes:

  • Coding with SQL Developer and SQL*Plus
  • Retrieving and manipulating data with sql Constructs
  • Conceive and construct tables, sequences, views and synonyms
  • Managing and controlling security, integrity and performance
  • Programming with cursors, loops and control logic
  • Building procedures, packages and triggers